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Model 1a Single-Ended Tube Amplifier

Model 1a Single-Ended Tube Amplifier

SKU: 364215375135191

Weighing in at more than 40 lbs, this hand-assembled amplifier is constructed in the U.S.A. using point-to-point wiring and delivers the characteristic, inviting sonic performnce of single-ended amplification. The Model 1a's elegant circuitry lives within an optimized, 16-guage steel footprint to reduce noise and improve resolution. We've engineered the power supply to reside in an elevated section of the chassis, thereby isolating the noisy B+ voltage from the susceptible signal pathways. We've also managed to invert the massive 10H choke transformer within that same dedicated compartment, creating a clean aesthetic finish worthy of your listening room. With premium input RCAs, solid brass speaker outputs and massive output transformers, the Model 1a makes no sacrifies in the pursuit of pure audio bliss. 



All amplifiers are built on demand — we do not stock surplus inventory. Your amplifier will be assembled by our technicians using the finest components available at the time of purchase. If availability requires us to use a component that differs significantly from our standard practices, we will contact you and obtain your approval before proceeding. Please allow three months for assembly and delivery. 



  • Gorgeous power coat finish will last generations
  • Rubber feet unscrew to loosen vented bottom plate
  • Ships with KT-88 power tubes, an EC85 dual triode preamp tube and a 5AR4 rectifier tube
  • Power supply contains a robust CLC filter to eliminate DC ripple
  • Premium discrete parts used throughout, including Mundorf MCaps for coupling stages of amplification
  • Custom-wound power transformer from Hammond is fabricated in Canada
  • Outputs approximately 8 watts, plenty of power for 90 db sensitivity speakers

    We warranty our amplifiers for one year. If any component fails, simply ship it back to us and we'll fix it free of charge. 

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